Discover the beauty of sustainable living with this extraordinary passive home located in the tranquility of the woods in Nanaimo, BC. Embraced by the beauty of nature, this residence seamlessly integrates wood and rock finishes, featuring a captivating blend of flat and pitched roofs. This creates a harmonious fusion of modern and natural finishes providing a warm and inviting facade that complements the natural beauty of the wooded landscape.

The home’s commitment to sustainability extends to its water source, with rainwater storage systems collecting, storing, and filtering water for use. Solar panels integrated into the design harness the power of the sun, making this residence not only visually appealing but also a model of sustainable living.

This passive home in the woods is more than just a dwelling; it’s a testament to the possibility of harmonious coexistence between modern living and the natural world. Welcome to a residence where sustainability meets elegance, where the allure of the woods is not just a view but a way of life.


Modern Contemporary

  • 3,600 Sq Ft Main Residence
  • 480 Sq Ft Suite
  • 1,065 Sq Ft Detached Shop
  • 8 Bedroom / 5 Bath
  • Net Zero
  • Passive
  • Sustainable